Why is your website called “Two Nights In”?

Our site started because we always talk about past and future trips. Friends and family continuously ask for our recommendations and we needed a way to share our suggestions publicly. The name Two Nights In came about because we believe that two nights is enough time to spend in any city to get a quick sense of the culture. Most destinations require more but two nights is the absolute minimum for us.

I’m traveling to a particular city. Where should I stay? What should I do? Where should I eat?

Our destination guide is for individuals that need some answers to these questions. Our guide includes our top recommendations in multiple destinations around the world. This is a constantly changing list and we hope that you will find this quick guide useful when traveling.

How do you find all these amazing vacations?

Well... we love to travel so we’re always searching for new destinations to explore. All locations we recommend are places we’ve been to or ones we would like to visit. We also get help from some of our favorite travel publications like Travel + Leisure, Condé Nast Traveler, AFAR, and Sunset Magazine. We are very selective with what we write and post about as we want everyone to have the best travel experience.

Who takes all your pictures?

We take all our own photos of places we have been (either on our iPhone's or our Sony Alpha a6300). If it’s a photo of a place we have not yet visited, we usually post from the hotel website. As most pictures are copyrighted, we always try to link back to the appropriate owner.